Galaxy Tab hitting AT&T on November 21st for a $649 premium?

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Galaxy Tab hitting AT&T on November 21st for a $649 premium?
It's not official but that image above sure as hell looks like an official AT&T training document. AT&T already announced that it would carry the Samsung Galaxy Tab but has been coy with details about launch date, pricing, and custom apps. Now, if the screengrab above can be believed, we know that it'll hit AT&T shops on November 21st for a "HQ recommended" price of $649.99 without contract and featuring the same data plans (250MB for $14.99 per month or 2GB for $25 per month) AT&T offers alongside its $629 16GB WiFi + 3G iPad offering. Right, that's 20 bucks and change more for half the display and $50 more than the base price of T-Mobile's or Verizon's Galaxy Tab offering. Of course, AT&T will preinstall the Nook eReader and the AT&T Account Manager app for on-device activation and monthly credit refills. Not sure that's worth the premium though. Hold tight to see how this plays out as we should see an official pricing and launch date announcement any day now.%Gallery-107189%

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