iPhone 3G excluded from AirPlay support

David Quilty
D. Quilty|11.12.10

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iPhone 3G excluded from AirPlay support
AirPlay Image
Support for Apple's new AirPlay is supposedly excluded from the iPhone 3G, reports 9to5Mac. Designed to let users stream their iTunes library anywhere in their house via WiFi or an Ethernet connection, AirPlay technology will be found in all manner of audio/video equipment in the coming months, including the AirPort Express and Apple TV. However, it looks like it's only going to be for mobile users with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, not those still using 3Gs. While Apple's own website states that "AirPlay is coming soon and will be available on all iOS 4 devices," which one would imagine includes the 3G iPhone, it looks like it is not meant to be.

Even though Apple is currently dealing with a class-action lawsuit regarding the performance of 3G iPhones after installing iOS 4, seems that they have decided that the iPhone 3G just isn't capable of working properly with AirPlay. Personally, I have been using the iTunes Remote app, multiple AirPort Express units, two Tivoli radio units, and Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil software to stream my music library, so I am looking forward to trying out AirPlay here at home to see how it compares.

That is, when I finally get around to downloading iTunes 10.1 with AirPlay support, which was made available earlier today.

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