iPhone Minecraft client posted, pulled

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|11.16.10

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iPhone Minecraft client posted, pulled

If you keep a close eye on the App Store (or have a quick RSS feed following it), you might have noticed an app called Minecrafted up there on Monday morning. It's a Minecraft client for iOS, a version of the extremely popular indie game that can be run on an iPhone, and connect up to real Minecraft servers. But before you run to download it, not so fast -- the app has been pulled from the App Store already, and if you try to find it on the US store, you'll get an error message.

So what's the deal? TUAW contacted the app's creator, Trevor Wilkin, and he told us that his original idea was to create the client, submit it to Apple, and then get official approval from the makers of Minecraft before putting it live. Apple threw it live right away, however, and Wilkin says he "pretty much freaked out and removed from sale as quickly as I possibly could." He doesn't know whether the app is legit or not -- it's all original code, according to the description, but presumably he backwards engineered a few things, because it's apparently compatible with current servers and versions of the game.

Wilkin sounds innocent enough to us. He says that he has "no desire to hurt the brand and just wanted to introduce a useful tool. I still hope to work out an official solution that doesn't step on anyone's toes." We hope so, too -- having Minecraft up and running officially on iOS would be a nice bonus for both iPhone owners and fans of the incredibly popular game.

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