HTC HD7 greets Black Friday with a Buy One Get One Free offer from T-Mobile

Been feeling blue this holiday season? Finding all the special offer WP7 phones a little too little? Fear not, T-Mobile and Microsoft are ready to give you a pair of HD7s for the price of one next time you drop into one of the Magenta stores asking about Windows Phone 7 devices. You'll need to commit to the usual two-year contract and whatnot, but it's a straight up BOGO on what's probably the most desirable handset sporting Microsoft's new OS on the American market. Then again, even with this discount, you still might be able to find the HD7 cheaper at online retailers, so as per usual on Black Fridays, we'd advise doing your due diligence before letting your dead presidents out for a walk. And please, try not to think of how sweet a day this could have been if Dell's Venue Pro had actually been released on schedule.

[Thanks, David]