War of Angels open beta begins

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.24.10

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War of Angels open beta begins
Just in time for the holidays, Neowiz Games has started its early gift-giving by announcing the open beta period for War of Angels. The free-to-play title featuring four classes and ongoing PvP conflict is now available for public consumption, and has a few Thanksgiving surprises in store for beta participants. If you're able to push away from the dinner table long enough to retrieve stolen turkeys for an NPC named Catherine, she'll reward you with a gigantic bird mount called a Pajareu.

In addition to the holiday content, War of Angels now boasts new gear and weapons for players of all levels, new quests, and website leaderboards to assist you in your post-holiday bragging. Closed beta veterans may also be gifted with a Halo of the Pioneer item which will temporarily boost their leveling speed.

Check out all the details, and sign up for beta, at the official website.
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