The Daily Grind: Do you make ugly characters?

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.29.10

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The Daily Grind: Do you make ugly characters?
With the Thanksgiving holiday safely behind us, it's now time to assess the damage to our waistlines. With all the leftovers likely making the rounds over this long weekend, it might even be Monday before some of us get back to our normal dietary routines. All the food talk got us to thinking about character customization in MMORPGs, specifically the fact that few games allow you to make unattractive avatars.

Those that do tend to resemble a veritable theater of the absurd, as the silly folks among us delight in making grotesque caricatures and over-the-top uglies. One former Star Wars Galaxies player even made an in-game career out it. Starsider veterans in the audience may remember one Ichben Einberliner, a strange chap who loved to strip his Fat Bastard avatar down to a pair of speedos and do a seductive pole dance for the unfortunate patrons at the Coronet spaceport. Rumor has it that Berliner was even awarded a character badge by SOE GMs (ostensibly for his unique personality) after regaling space travelers with his diaper-clad cabaret act for months on end.

Whether it's the Ichbens of the world or the folks who make bobblehead midgets in Aion, there are always a few on every server. Today's question is two-fold: Do you make unattractive avatars? Why?

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