HTC job listing hints at an E Ink / 3D-filled future, new North Carolina facility

Months back, word on the street had it that HTC was looking to grab up emptied space in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park post-recession; huge outfits like Nortel bit the bullet in 2009, while Sony Ericsson shuttered its operations there and relocated to Atlanta. Naturally, the consolidation paved the way for other technology firms to slide in without overpaying for real estate. HTC has remained mum on the prospect of expansion, but it's fairly obvious what's in mind given the multiple job listings that have just emerged for a heretofore unannounced facility in RTP. Of particular importance is a plea for a Display and Camera Design Engineer -- HTC is asking that whoever applies for the role have some level of "familiarity with 3D display and imaging technologies," not to mention "familiarity with multiple display technologies (TFT-LCD, PMOLED, AMOLED, E-ink, etc.)." Of course, we've seen quite a few bullet points in our years that end up meaning nothing at all, but it definitely gets our gears turning. Could HTC be working on a reader / tablet that would at least partially rely on e-paper? Are we destined to see a 3D Android device from the outfit at Mobile World Congress 2011? Imaginations, here's the part where you run wild.