Flock 3.5 browser for Mac moves to speedy Chromium 7 engine

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Flock 3.5 browser for Mac moves to speedy Chromium 7 engine

Flock, the free combo web browser / social networking tool / dessert topping, has been updated on all platforms to version 3.5, but the newest version for Mac OS X has really received a boost.

In the past, Flock for Mac OS X was based on Gecko, the web browser layout engine from Mozilla that powers the Firefox browser. Unfortunately for Mac users, Flock was a bit on the slow side.

Flock 3.5 for Mac OS X has replaced the Gecko engine with the shiny, speedy new Chromium 7 engine, which is based on WebKit. I downloaded the new Mac OS X edition yesterday and it feels much faster than the previous version, although I have no benchmarks to validate that claim.

Flock is unique among web browsers in that it has a scrolling sidebar that contains a constantly-changing flow of updates from your social networks, including Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, and RSS feeds. To log into all of the social networks and services, Flock requires a free account. Once you have logged into the Flock account, all of the updates start to scroll down the sidebar. It's a great way to keep up with your social networks while browsing or blogging.

[via DownloadSquad]

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