MapleStory invites you to join the Resistance

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.15.10

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MapleStory invites you to join the Resistance
If you thought that MapleStory's Big Bang update a week ago was impressive, just you wait. In a few days the dev team is going to roll out the second part of the game's overhaul, introducing a lot of new content: two classes, a faction and a zone.

As the Black Wings cult rises in power, players will travel to the tech-savvy mining town of Edelstein to see what they can do on behalf of the Resistance. There they'll be able to try out one of the new classes to the game, either the Battle Mage or the Wild Hunter. Both are ranged fighters -- the Battle Mage flings long-range spells that hit multiple foes while the Wild Hunter fires arrows from the back of a jaguar mount. Don't mess with someone riding a jaguar, our momma always told us.

Big Bang Part 2 is scheduled to hit MapleStory's servers on December 20th. Now it's time for you to make a choice: Do you want to read more about this update (head on over to MapleStory's site if so), or do you want to watch the promo video for it (hit the jump)?

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