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Fractiv tells the tale of Project Offset, launches new website

Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell|@TheRichardM|December 17, 2010 1:30 PM
The story of Project Offset doesn't have a happy ending (not yet, at least). Several years ago, Offset Software began developing Project Offset, a fantasy FPS built from the team's impressive, proprietary Offset engine. The technology was so impressive, in fact, that Intel bought the studio in early 2008 with the intention of using Project Offset to showcase its new Larrabee graphics tech. Things were looking good ... until Intel's corporate strategy changed and the company decided to abandon the project and disband the team two years later. Now Intel owns the Project Offset name as well as the Offset engine, putting the Offset team's new company, Fractiv, firmly back at square one.

Former Offset Software founder and current head of Fractiv, Sam McGrath, tells the whole story to Big Download -- just make sure you've got your box of tissues handy. Looking forward, Fractiv has released Lane Splitter on the App Store, with an Android version also in the works. The company's next project, an action RPG with a Old West theme called The Gunsmith (pictured), is currently in development for iOS and Android, with PC and console versions "being considered."

Read more about The Gunsmith and check out additional screens at Fractiv's new website.