Gibson wins Paper Jamz injunction, retailers ordered to pull stock

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|12.28.10

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The Paper Jamz, they have jamz-ed their last -- at least for now. Gibson's won that injunction against WowWee for modeling its 2D toy guitars on famous axes like the Flying V and Les Paul without permission, and since retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target were all named in the lawsuit, they'll have to pull PaperJamz from their shelves. Or maybe not -- the injunction was granted and immediately appealed on the 21st, and we've definitely seen PaperJamz for sale in Best Buy stores here and there since then, so it seems like there's still a chance to grab the super-thin guitars while the lawyers sort it all out. We'd guess WowWee might simply re-think some of the designs to be little less "inspired" by Gibson guitars in the meantime -- could the Flying V PaperJamz one day command the same collector attention as a 1970s lawsuit Ibanez, Tokai, or Greco? For humanity's sake, let's hope not.
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