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Breakfast Topic: When is it too much WoW?


If you're at all like me, and since you're reading this site you probably are, there comes a point where you play so much WoW that you end up playing too much WoW. It's that point where you've farmed 70 badges in a day and just stop all the sudden and think to yourself, "What the heck did I just do with the year the day?"

And it's at that point where you put the game down and stop playing for a bit. In my case it's usually a couple of days, or in some more busy periods of my life it's a couple of weeks (oddly, with my job here I find that I can't play much during patch days, right around the time I want to jump in and run the new instances and what have you). I'm curious to know how long of a break you all take when you've played too much WoW, and when those breaks tend to come about.

So answer away, and after a few days I'll compile all the comments into some graphs, representing at least the portion of visitors who responded to today's breakfast topic. It should be interesting, even if it's only a segment of the overall community.

Have at it! When is it too much WoW?

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