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HTC testing out 'touch tablets' for Android and Chrome OS?

Vlad Savov

What good would the rumor mill be if it didn't voice our innermost desires? Apparently not content with giving us the roomy 4.3-inch HD2, HTC is now said to be actively testing out fully fledged tablet devices. Slated (get it?) to be driven by Google's Android and minimalist Chrome OS, multiple varieties are currently being run through their paces and there's even word that "core HTC customers" will get to check them out at CES. Who these doyens are and whether they'll be so kind as to leak us a few photos is unknown, but word is that Qualcomm and Adobe are engaged to provide their hardware and software knowhow -- making for an impressive corporate combo if nothing else. This is still strictly uncorroborated, one-source rumormongering, but ain't it fun?

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