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CES goes down to the docks


It's CES time yet again, and that means that everybody and their business partners will be showing off iPhone and iPod touch accessories that do all sorts of crazy things, from the useful to the useless. Here's two interesting docks that Engadget has already seen at the big electronics show. The first, above, is a speaker dock with a twist -- not only does it play your music and charge your iPhone as usual, but it comes with an app that will turn the whole thing into an alarm clock as well. It's called the iLuv App Station, and it'll be released in February at a price of $130.

In the slightly more functional category, there's the iNet-2.0 tabletop unit from Sherwood, which combines an iPod dock with an 8" display that allows for internet radio streaming, the usual alarm clock settings, and a photo display. It's a pretty nice piece of tech to put on your nightstand, but the price may turn some folks off: it will retail for $300 later this year. We'll keep an eye out for more great iPhone/iPod accessories in the CES frenzy later this week.

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