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Welcome the new columnists and a call for more

Dan O'Halloran

First, thanks for all of you who applied as our new priest and hunter columnists. There were some truly awe-inspiring submissions (and a few jaw-dropping ones as well, and I don't mean that in the good way). In fact, we were so impressed that we hired two priest columnists!

Welcome Dawn Moore, our new Spiritual Guidance columnist. She will be covering all things holy and discipline. We were also delighted with the application of one Mr. Fox Van Allen and have hired him as our second Spiritual Guidance columnist, but he will be focusing exclusively on shadow priest topics. Believe me, he is as entertaining as his name implies. The priest column will run twice a week now, Sundays with Dawn and Wednesdays with Fox.

As for our new hunter columnist, it was close. Damn, it was close. But in the end a decision had to be made and Brian Wood aka Frostheim of the Warcraft Hunters Union has agreed to join us. You will be seeing his column soon.

And finally, we are calling out for even more columnists to join us! Details after the jump.

We are no longer accepting applications. We are currently reviewing the hundreds that have poured in. I will update this post when we have selected our new columnists. Thanks! is looking for new writers. Specifically:

  • Druid columnist specializing in restoration and balance
  • Paladin columnist specializing in the holy tree
  • An AddOn/UI columnist
  • A lore columnist
Druid and paladin columnists
Every week you will dazzle our readers with your words of wisdom covering everything from leveling guides to raid tactics to PvP strats to major patch analysis to recommended addons. You will be covering these topics for talent specs listed above. Allison Robert will continue to cover the feral specs for the druid column and Gregg Reece will continue to cover Protection and Retribution specs for the paladin column.
AddOn/UI columnist
You will post a weekly AddOn Spotlight as well as the weekly Reader UI of the Week. We are specifically looking for a columnist who can write about the features of popular and useful addons in a way that is understandable and entertaining for the average player. For application purposes, you only need to submit a sample for AddOn Spotlight. Knowledge of macros is also expected.
Lore columnist
The successful lore columnist for will focus on updating our extensive library of lore related material, as well as help create new lore-based content each week. With Cataclysm hitting, the lore columnist will work with other members of the team on lore related features and guides. We are specifically seeking a person who has deep understanding of all of Warcraft's lore, and knows how to communicate the complexities of the lore in both an entertaining and knowledge fashion. Please see the specific requirements for the lore columnist on our application page.
If any of these positions sound like the chance you've been waiting for, you'll find all the information you need to apply on our applications page. Be sure to submit everything asked for. Being able to follow simple instructions is part of the job. You have until end of day, Friday, January 15th to send in your app.

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