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Star Trek Online pre-orders topping Direct2Drive sales

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Some people may be apprehensive about the speed with which Cryptic is rolling out Star Trek Online, but that isn't slowing down the pre-orders at all. It seems that the majority of fans remain anxious to get their hands on the game. For the week of December 27th - January 2nd, pre-orders of the Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe edition took the number one spot for sales at Direct2Drive. Pre-orders of the regular edition of STO made a showing as well, coming in at number ten.

Cryptic isn't the only studio enjoying last week's sales figures. Aion is still selling well, and came in at number four last week. They dominated the D2D sales shortly after launch, grabbing the top two spots (Collector's Edition and Standard Edition) at both D2D and Steam at the end of September, and remaining in the top ten even into November.

STO is scheduled for launch in less than a month, so keep your eye on Massively for continued coverage as release day approaches.

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