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Engadget Podcast 178: CES 2010 Day 4 - 01.09.2010 [Chopped n' Screwed Remix]

Trent Wolbe

I hopped off the plane at LAS with a dream and my MacBook Pro
Welcome to the show of tech and glow, whoa will I make a big win?
Jumped in a cab, here I am for the third time
Look to the right, and I see the CES sign

This is all so crazy, everybody seems so nerdy
My tummy's turnin' from some cheese I ate at DigEx
Too much e-ink and I'm wired
That's when the podcast man turned on the radio

And the Miley song was on
And the Miley song was on
And the Miley song was on

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Song: Party in the U.S.A. (Chopped and Screwed)

Hear the podcast

05:00 - Pixel Qi screens to be used by a major manufacturer in 2010
15:30 - Qualcomm Mirasol display video hands-on in glorious 1080p
19:35 - Live from Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo's CES 2010 keynote
32:43 - Andy Rubin on multitouch in Android: 'I personally don't like two-handed operations'
33:20 - Live from All Things D at CES 2010
40:01 - Dell divulges Mini 3 details, tablet (Mini 5?) caught running Android 1.6 (update: video!)
46:20 - Windows Mobile 7 coming to MWC in February, not just 'evolutionary'
59:15 - Boxee Box interface demo video

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