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Winners announced in STO's ship naming contest

Kyle Horner

Cryptic's gone and announced the winnings names (and prizes!) for their ship naming contest. You can see all three Tier 5 ship name here, and of course there's friendly screenshots to go along with the name. If you're just looking to know the names for each of the three ship archetypes, we can help there. T5 Cruisers will be known as Emissary Class, Escorts have been named Dervish Class and Science vessels of the T5 variant are named Destiny Class.

Each winner of the contest is set to receive a Digital Deluxe Edition of Star Trek Online as well as a poster featuring the ship they've named. For everyone else who submitted a name, the special in-game title "Utopia Planetia Staff" will be given. Wearing it will tell everyone in the game you've participated in the contest, which we have to admit is a nice consolation prize. There's certain to be future naming contests as well and we're looking forward to that -- especially since it means new ships for the game!

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