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EverQuest II goes down The Hole


Ahhh, The Hole. Fond memories of losing our corpses in this zone, there are. Well, the infamous dungeon with the name of an adult movie is back and better than ever in EverQuest II, as the former city of Paineel will be re-introduced in the new Sentinel's Fate expansion pack.

The ancient city of Paineel is coming with a brand new swath of content, featuring over 30 bosses and 80 quests in the contested open world version of the city, as well as 3 new instanced areas for groups level 85+ to conquer.

The EverQuest II main site has just posted their interviews with Timetraveller and Gninja, two of the developers who worked hard on putting together the contested and instanced versions of The Hole. The interview covers their perspectives and thoughts in breathing new life into this old EverQuest area, and how the new fallen city will lure in the many adventurers of EverQuest II.

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