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Found Footage: That sinking, gonna-need-a-new-phone feeling


What other recent TV show (Big Bang Theory aside) has given geeks as much cred as Chuck? The hourlong spy-dramedy returned with first-run episodes this week, but promptly threw a wet blanket on our enjoyment by... well, just look. No matter what Andy Ihnatko's experiments demonstrated, I don't think a pile of white rice is going to fix this.

Past episodes of Chuck have featured an all-knowing classic Mac, a thinly veiled dig at our favorite iCEO and a weaponized G5 tower, much to our delight. We've been loyal fans, NBC, but we must protest the wanton cruelty shown to an innocent smartphone in this scene: it's brutal, it's damp, and it will not stand.

[Apologies to our international readers for the US-only Hulu clip. Once there's a geographically agnostic version of the video available, we'll link to it.]

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