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Game Arts already working on another downloadable game


Game Arts has another downloadable title in mind after last week's release of its self-published WiiWare puzzle adventure The Magic Obelisk. Takahiro Nishi, producer of Obelisk, told Siliconera that "Our development team is now engaged in the next downloadable game." The experiment in smaller-scale downloadable software must have been a success, then, for the Grandia developer.

Nishi declined to name the platform for the new title, but in a previous Siliconera interview, he had nothing but kind words for WiiWare, praising its "easy to work with development environment" and an audience that is accepting of "unique and new concepts like ours."

We thought briefly that Nishi could have been referring to the new PS3 version of Thexder Neo, but Game Arts doesn't list either the PS3 or PSP versions of Thexder Neo on its website, indicating that another developer made the updated versions of the shmup classic.

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