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Mech room for Armored Core 5 in 2010 [update]


From Software has been on a roll lately, with the hit Demon's Souls and the well-received 3D Dot Game Heroes. But what of the franchise that people most closely associate with From Software (among people who associate From Software with things) -- Armored Core?

At an Armored Core Silent Line Portable tournament in Tokyo, From Software dated the PSP version of Armored Core: Last Raven for March 4, and (more excitingly) announced a brand-new entry in the mech series, Armored Core 5. No details of the sequel were revealed beyond a release date, though the new AC5 site suggests that more information will be forthcoming January 14 (or when the Famitsu leaks hit). Mysteriously, clicking the big "5" on the site links to a Google search for the word "senjou," which means "battlefield." You mean there's going to be fighting in this mech combat game?

Update: Reader Kenoji has pointed us to some off-screen footage of the teaser trailer shown after the event. It's posted after the break.

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