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This Week on the Nintendo Channel: Reggie shows off the DSi XL


This week's Nintendo Channel update may be a bit on the slim side, but Nintendo Week is back and actually has a few worthwhile snippets in this week's episode. First up, Capcom's Seth Killian struts his stuff in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, explaining the title for the unaware and showing off some of the combo-heavy gameplay behind it. Then, there's the Reggie Fils-Aime interview where he talks about the Nintendo Week program, some of the third-party support Nintendo platforms enjoyed in 2009 and the DSi XL. He also manages to bring up the upcoming Zelda game without actually talking about it.

Head past the break for the full rundown of this week's Nintendo Channel content.

DS Demos

  • Disney the Princess and the Frog (distribution ends 1/17/2010)
  • James Cameron's AVATAR: The Game (distribution ends 1/17/2010)
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers (distribution ends 1/17/2010)
  • Cooking Mama 3: Shop and Chop (distribution ends 1/17/2010)
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Alpine Skiing (distribution ends 1/17/2010)
  • NARUTO Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2 (distribution ends 1/17/2010)
  • Imagine Teacher: Class Trip (distribution ends 1/17/2010)
  • Nintendo Week 1/11
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Info
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Challenge 3
  • Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll - Gameplay Video 4
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Combat Teaser
  • No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Fresh Air Teaser
  • Foto Showdown - Sister Video
  • Chronos Twins DX
  • Shadowplay - Info
  • The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces - Video 2
  • Puzzler World - Info Video
  • Fast Food Panic - Info Video

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