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Report: UK new game boxed sales down 18% in 2009


Chart-Track/ELSPA reveal that new boxed game sales declined 18 percent in the UK during 2009, which is likely due to an amalgam of digital distribution and global financial issues (to put it lightly). As noted by, the report does not include any sales information on used sales, Steam or other digital distribution networks. Thus, the 26 percent decline in boxed PC game sales during 2009 (a 22 percent decline in revenue) sounds tragic; however, considering the rapid adoption of digital distribution by PC users, it hardly gives the "full picture."

Boxed console games fared better with Xbox 360 and PS3 sales up a healthy 14 and 9 percent in unit sales, along with an increase of two and four percent in revenue, respectively. The year wasn't as kind to Wii games, with a drop of 10 percent in units sold and an 18 percent decline in revenue. Of course, as with PC, none of these sales include each console's digital distribution network, which certainly adds a couple extra pounds, especially after the holidays.

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