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Motorola set-top boxes to get Dolby Volume

Ben Drawbaugh

For those of you who hate loud commercials or explosions -- just for the record, explosions are supposed to be loud -- Dolby Volume has the answer but it's one of those technologies that is included with something you buy. This of course means that if you already have a new HDTV and a new AV receiver, you kind of missed the Dolby Volume bus, but now you might just be in luck. Motorola and Dolby have worked out a deal that'll bring it to the DCX family of set-top boxes. The DCX700 and DCX3300 boxes will now ship with it, but providers will also have option to push an update for the DCX3400 HD-DVR and DCX3200 -- assuming your cable company loves you. And don't worry if you prefer dynamic sound, if you're lucky enough to get this from your provider there will be a setting to turn it off.

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