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Comcast's guide software adds brains, but beauty remains elusive


We've talked at length about the (lack of) quality in most cable DVR software, but it looks like for Comcast customers it will be getting at least a little better very soon. The new A28 guide software is rolling out across the country with tweaked searches for upcoming events, a single click 5 minute back/forward skip function tied to the Page up/Down remote buttons, mass delete on recordings and of course, Remote DVR scheduling. Of course we're still waiting for the facelifted i-Guide we saw at CES '08, but for now this will have to do. Motorola's official blog suggests all areas should see the new software in the first half of this year along with some first hand impressions, while Comcast offers a detailed breakdown of the features on the way and a video walkthrough available (embedded after the break.)

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