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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is going in for the kill

A lot of people seem to be infatuated with either Bayonetta the game or, sadly, Bayonetta the fictional character. Our minds, however, can't seem to rid themselves of that song that they play in all of the game's trailers, much to the chagrin of our neighbors, online competitors, fellow coffee shop patrons and ... well, anyone who falls under the dominion of our voices. Consider yourselves lucky that there's an entire internet between us.

Below you'll find our seven favorite gaming-centric webcomics from this past week. Vote for your favorite in the poll after the jump, and drop a link in the comments to any great strips we might have I'm goin' in for the kiiiiilllll I'm doin' it for a thriiilllll

The Enduring Bleep (Digital Unrest)
A Trend We Wholly Endure (Penny Arcade)
Welcome to Pandora (Dipswitch)
Sorry to Burst Your Bubble (2P Start)
Probably Animism (Virtual Shackles)
The Same But Different (Extra Life)
The Perfect Gift (VG Cats)


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