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Sega releasing iPhone storefront for Genesis games


Sega has already put a few of its Genesis classics, like Golden Axe and Sonic the Hedgehog, up on the iPhone App Store as standalone downloads, but now, according to Gizmodo, it's going one step further and releasing an official Genesis emulator app for the iPhone, with individual games available as in-app purchases. Sort of.

As the service will be at its February launch, the free Ultimate Genesis app just allows you to buy the existing Genesis games through a different interface, as well as new releases like Shining Force and Ecco the Dolphin for $3 each. It's essentially a united storefront for the kind of releases Sega is already doing (and has already done). But it'll also come with a free copy of Space Harrier II, which is as positive as any news regarding iPhone ports of console games can be.

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