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WRUP: Mass Effect 2 is almost here edition


Go ahead and watch the launch trailer for Mass Effect 2 again, then be a total hater and pretend you don't want to play it. It's cool, we'll totally nod and smile. If that's not enough, go ahead and watch the six other trailers again and again. If someone knows how to speed up time and make us skip to next week, we'd totally appreciate it. What's everyone playing this pre-Mass Effect 2 weekend?

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  • Alexander Sliwinski (@XanderSliwinski): Not a clue. Maybe I'll pick up something from the list of Joystiq XBLA suggestions that can currently be found the on Xbox 360 dashboard.
  • Andrew Yoon (@scxzor): Going to fistbump my way through Army of Two: The 40th Day.
  • Ben Gilbert (@BigBossBgilbert): I'm finally playing Mass Effect 1, and hey, whaddya know -- it's a pretty good game! Also, Canabalt. Can't stop, won't stop.
  • Christopher Grant (@ChrisGrant): This weekend, like every weekend for the foreseeable future, will be spent playing Dragon Age: Origins. However, like James, now I play with newfound purpose. There are only four more days before all attention must be diverted to Mass Effect 2. I'm not sure how I'm going to do this ...
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle): My plans to tackle Bayonetta last weekend (or at all this week, really) fell through, so I want to clear that off my plate. Then, I may try to wrap up some more Achievements in Modern Warfare 2 before I come down with a case of "I can't work for a month" on January 26.
  • Griffin McElroy (@griffinmcelroy): As the zeppelin-sized blisters on my palms will attest, I've rekindled my love for Rock Band drumming. Between rock sessions, I'll also be grinding my way through Phantasy Star Zero. Or, rather, Monogrinding. (Little Phantasy Star Zero humor for you, there!)
  • James Ransom-Wiley: I'll be gorging on Dragon Age with the unlikely prospect of clearing it off my plate to make room for another heaping helping of BioWare RPG early next week. Is it selfish of me to be wishing for a last-minute Mass Effect delay?
  • JC Fletcher (@jcfletcher): I just got Dracula X Chronicles. I know this is old hat for everyone else, but there is a disc in the world that has both Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood on it, and I feel like this deserves mention (and tribute) at least weekly.
  • Justin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy): I think I'm finally going to finish Mass Effect 2 so I can be totally bored by all the people who are just getting to play it next week. That's how I roll.
  • Kevin Kelly (@gadgetguy): I'm in Park City, Utah playing the Sundance game. You can follow along.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK): I'm playing the new Buzz (that's "Quiz World") with a couple of brainiacs. Unfortunately, they're smart enough to keep me away from the "video game" category and kill me in the sports section. Footwhatnow?
  • Mike Schramm (@MikeSchramm): I picked up Critter Crunch at the ludicrously low price of $3.50 this week, so I'll be playing that. I think I'll try to finally, finally go fish up Mr. Pinchy in World of Warcraft this weekend, and Dragon Age could use some attention also.
  • Randy Nelson (@DangerPenguin) Lurking in the shadows of ocean depths / The tremendous courage of Gatchaman / Slices through the clouds of raging storms / in the science technique firebird. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, your review is nigh!
  • Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM): I've learned The Truth in Assassin's Creed II, so it's probably about time to wrap that up. And then it's finally time for Mass Effect 1. Also some Star Trek Online if I can squeeze in some time.
  • Xav de Matos (@Xav): Because I'm apparently stuck in 2005, I'll be playing Fahrenheit (the real version of Indigo Prophecy), while I watch that new King Kong remake and listen to the hot-off-the-press 50 Cent album, The Massacre.
  • Justin Glow (@justinglow): (Playing Mass Effect 3)

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