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Blizzard says no to skipping to the last boss

Matthew Rossi

Poster Sennshi makes a post to the general forums questioning why we have to run the whole dungeon to get the two frost emblems for completing our first random dungeon of the day. Thankfully, Crygil comes in and makes sure it is known that skipping to the end isn't something Blizzard has in mind for heroics. It's kind of sad that it even needed to be said, but at least they've said it.

I have to say, and keep in mind I'm one of the bitter sour curmudgeonly tanks who constantly gripes even when things are going well, but if you can't endure a 20 minute instance run to get 2 frost badges, you need to reconsider running random heroics. Even the longest heroic dungeon is hardly so huge an imposition that you can't get through it without asking for some kind of magical backdoor that summons the boss to you. We've seen changes to dungeons like Oculus to give players an incentive to run them or streamline them, going to some weird Thunderdome of boss summoning would be a step backwards in my opinion.

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