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Comcast positioning itself to be King of 3D programming, will upgrade to real 3D this year

Tim Stevens

You know it's coming: the inevitable slew of boutique 3D television channels that will serve nothing but gratuitous content the same way all those HD-specific stations and their nature programs did a few years ago. Comcast wants to be at the forefront of the 3D exploitation capitalization to come, and while its current offerings are modest (a 3D version of The Final Destination, a Jonas Brothers concert, and other stuff your step-brother Billy might like) and only offered in anaglyph format (red/blue glasses), the good news is it isn't charging any extra for the content -- yet. Better still is a confirmation that it won't let DirecTV have the real 3D spotlight to itself for long, as VP Derek Harrar confirmed it will offer the same frame-compatible 3D (which doesn't require a new cable box, only a 3DTV) "this year." Comcast isn't saying exactly what else is coming next, but specialized channels should be cropping up before the summer is through, and you can be sure they'll be grouped into a premium "3D Tier" for the ultimate in billing surcharges.

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