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Humiliating limited edition of Record of Agarest War coming to 360


Aksys Games has taken to promoting Record of Agarest War in a ... unique way, downplaying the actual strategy RPG gameplay in favor of lasciviousness. That extends (huh-huh, we said "extends") to the limited edition release of the Xbox 360 version, revealed today as the "Really Naughty Limited Edition." The PS3 version will be somewhat less naughty due to its digital-only release.

For the truly despicable amongst us, Aksys has seen fit to package the game with a "Sensual Vira-Lor mouse pad" --featuring ergonomic breasts -- and a "Yearning Ellis pillowcase," packaged in a collector's box adorned with bathing anime girls. There's also a soundtrack CD, but that seems relatively innocuous. The Really Naughty edition, at least, carries a reasonably modest (for a limited edition) price of $59.99, so at least you won't be spending more than usual for the bonus of deep, lifelong shame. It'll be available April 27. Aksys has offered no date for a non-special edition.

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