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NFL bringing RedZone channel to phones next season

Chris Ziegler

The NFL has announced that it'll be bringing its all-action, all-the-time RedZone content to cellphones in time for next season, offering tons of game-day coverage on the go to anyone willing to pay the price. Thing is, said price hasn't been announced -- but if it's reasonable, it could put a pretty big dent in the value of Sprint's existing relationship with the NFL, which brings free live and archived content to subscribers of its Simply Everything plans. Also worried, of course, are the NFL's traditional content distribution partners -- the major networks like CBS and FOX -- but realistically, we can't see ourselves choosing to watch a whole game on a 3-inch display over a 50-inch in high def. With one hand holding the phone, how are we going to hang on to the beer and grub?

[Thanks, Colin]

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