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Ubisoft UK MD talks 2010, warns against rising prices


Writing for MCV, Ubisoft managing director Rob Cooper has laid out his company's hopes for the UK game industry in the next decade. He writes a great deal on ELSPA's role in championing the industry to the UK government, specifically regarding things like tax breaks and game rating issues. Regarding an issue closer to gamers' hearts, Cooper discussed where games are headed in the years to come. "Where once fuzzy pixels danced around on the screen," says Cooper, "now we expect everything from the visuals and sound effects to the dialogue of our characters – along with the emotions they can portray – to be more finely tuned."

He cautions the industry however, noting that such finely tuned products require higher studio costs. He elaborates that there is "no point" in raising game budgets if they cause profits to dwindle or, more importantly for consumers, cause prices to become "horrifically high." We're inclined to agree.

It's an interesting piece, and definitely worth a read for anyone who enjoys a little inside baseball.

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