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RIM's (doomed?) BlackBerry Magnum makes its video debut

Chris Ziegler

The same cat that brought us the last Magnum scoop is back again, this time with a short video detailing the differences between RIM's supposed first effort at making a touchscreen / QWERTY hybrid device and its nearest cousins, the Bold 9000 and 9700. Notably, the narrator points out that the phone shares its keyboard design more closely with the 9000 than the 9700 -- for aficionados, this can be a crucial difference -- and it generally shares its physical cues with the older Bold apart from a move to micro-USB (and the SurePress screen, of course). Sadly, the proto here lacks an operating system so there's not terribly much to see beyond the hardware itself, but it might all be for naught -- the latest intel suggests that this phone has been supplanted by a mysterious "Dakota" with updated specs, so we'll just have to hang on to our Curves and Storms for a little while longer. Follow the break for the full video.

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