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Video: Red Dead Redemption weapons detailed


Rockstar has released the second in its Red Dead Redemption gameplay video series. The new video, titled "Weapons & Death," deals with the various weapons found in the game. The game includes pretty much everything one would expect in a Wild West shooter, ranging from rifles to revolvers to Gatling guns and even dynamite. Unsurprisingly, Red Dead Redemption takes advantage of Rockstar's RAGE engine as well as NaturalMotion's Euphoria physics engine. The end result is unique character reactions to in-game actions like, say, getting shot in the gut.

The video also details the Dead Eye targeting system, which allows players to slow down gameplay and paint targets. It behaves similarly to the "mark and execute" system in Splinter Cell: Conviction, which lets players mark several targets and take them down in rapid succession. It all looks very nifty and, thanks to the same classy narrator from the first video, it still feels educational. Remember that when your significant other / mother / teacher chastises you for playing too much. You're not just shooting cowpokes, you're learning about the Wild West.

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