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Critter Crunch gets 'less insane' in new patch

Sure, Critter Crunch is cute. But it is also barf-inducingly hard. Thankfully, a new patch (releasing today) will help make the more challenging stages "less insane." In addition, the patch adds support for in-game XMB music, so you can play while listening to your extensive Miley Cyrus collection. The full patch notes are below:


  • XMB Audio support
  • Language select available for all!
  • Hey losers! You get a little XP even if you lose in multiplayer


  • Player feedback regarding DIFFICULT LEVELS has been taken to heart. Tough levels got a little less insane!
  • Coop networking tweaks to decrease pesky lag
  • Multiplayer "Disconnects" are now awarded more accurately
  • Catching a jewel while feeding glorious vomit to your son will no longer interrupt you
  • Your rank will now be retrieved more reliably when playing Adventure

Nasty bug fixes:

  • No more annoying audio glitch
  • No more Wins/Losses upload issues when the server is in "'maintenance" mode
  • Player score for Challenge levels now correctly handled in ALL cases
  • "Barf Success" icon now shows up correctly in ALL cases
  • "King of the Jungle" Trophy now successfully unlocks correctly even with a score of 0

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