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Dengeki translation of Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

There's still far too little official news on Final Fantasy XIV and no word on the start of the beta, which either means we'll continue to get absolutely no news or we're days away from a giant explosion of information (and let's hope for the latter). In lieu of official news, however, we continue to see the slow trickle of information from translated Japanese magazines. FFXIVCore has translated the most recent issue of Dengeki, which includes an interview and a few interesting tidbits. It also includes further speculation on customizing the underwear of female characters, which is something else entirely.

Moving on from the underwear portion, we find the confirmation that the beta will not include everything in the game -- only roughly ten percent, according to the producers. Enough to test the systems, not enough to see everything. There's also hinting that the "beast tribes" or the Garlean Empire might become allies with the adventuring nations, in a rather coy response to the question of whether or not the relationship will parallel that of beastmen and adventurers in Final Fantasy XI. It's not a giant infusion of new facts, but any break from the silence is welcome for those eagerly awaiting Final Fantasy XIV.

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