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LG GD510 Pop's solar panel add-on finally ships

Chris Ziegler

Considering the LG Pop's milquetoast specs, the best thing going for it has to be its trick solar rear that's capable of injecting three minutes of talk time for every eleven minutes of sunshine you pour into it. Problem is, the panel was an accessory that didn't ship in the box -- you had to buy it separately, and back at the Pop's launch, it wasn't available. That's all been cleared up now with news out of LG's German press office that the panel's available for a stout €34.90 (about $49) on top of the phone's €169 ($236) sticker -- pricey, perhaps, but you figure you'll make it up in power savings over the course of a few years' use. Over the long term, all phones should have these suckers built in just for kicks, so let's hope LG's setting a precedent here.

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