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Netsize calls out App Store as most successful mobile platform


Netsize unveiled the results of something called the Mobile Trend Survey 2010 at European mobile tech conference M-Days, and they say that 87% of industry professionals surveyed put Apple's App Store front and center when asked about the most successful platform for mobile software. Android came in next at 60% of people expecting it to find success, and then drops off into generic answers and lots of smaller mobile outlets.

What's perhaps most interesting is that while this announcement came out today, the survey was likely done before the official iPad announcement, and since Apple has made it clear that the App Store will play a huge part in the iPad's future as well, that's just more checks in the win column. Apple gets a lot of credit for its quality hardware (and rightly so), but it might actually be the App Store model (for better or worse) that becomes the most significant creation of the past few years.

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