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Platinum Games' fourth game is Vanquish


On this evening's "World Exclusive" laden episode of GameTrailers TV, host Geoff Keighley unveiled the latest game from Japanese development all-star team Platinum Games, a futuristic shooter named Vanquish. From the bit of trailer we saw in tonight's show, the game is set on US soil sometime in the future. Also, hey, there are some mechs -- it's from Japan, right? We've got the whole thing embedded after the break, should you be so inclined.

As noted earlier this week, the upcoming game comes from Resident Evil designer Shinji Mikami and marks the fourth title from the development studio -- the last of a four game deal with Sega inked back in 2008. Though we've got tonight's game announce still fresh on our brain box, we have to wonder what this means in terms of a publisher for upcoming games from all those other famous developers sitting around Platinum Games HQ, wondering what to do next. Okay, okay, they're probably not just sitting around. But still!

No consoles were named or release windows given -- heck, the whole trailer was live-action -- but we have to imagine that kind of info isn't too far off.

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