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WRUP: What we're looking forward to edition


As it seems to be every week here on Massively, what to play this weekend is a problem of too many games and too little time. A weekend is a scant 48 hours in duration and there are so many games crying out for our love and attention. And no matter how you try divide your time, you're always playing favorites. (And you know what they say about an MMO scorned, don't you?) At any rate, here at Massively HQ we're continuing to juggle more games at once than is really feasible -- and we're already anticipating our favorites of 2010. If you want to know what the staff is playing -- or if you just want to chime in about what you're playing -- read onward!

  • Brendan Drain (@nyphur): This weekend I'll be helping a corpmate in EVE Online start up his own little Tech 2 ship-building empire from within our wormhole system. I'll also be paying close attention to how Star Trek Online is progressing. It's one of those games where the beta managed to slip me by but I'm sure to give it a try. The game I'm most looking forward to in 2010 is Bioshock 2 and the MMO launch I've got my eye on is definitely Black Prophecy. I'm much more interested to see how the next two EVE Online expansions pan out, which are supposed to contain planetary flight and walking in stations.
  • Dan O'Halloran: More LotRO goodness. Leveling a Rune-keeper alt and digging further into Mirkwood with my Lore-master. Strangely being drawn back into EverQuest 2 after a two year hiatus. New expansion coming out next month probably has a lot to do with it. 2010 most drool-worthy game? It would be a toss up between the next WoW expansion (Cataclysm) and the next LotRO expansion (unannounced).
  • Eliot Lefebvre: My trend of "playing more Bioware games than is entirely healthy" continues as I shoot my way through Mass Effect 2 with renewed vigor, as one of my favorite characters from the first game is now back in the team. I also have a new tank I'm leveling in City of Heroes, which should earn more than a little of my free time. I'm obviously looking forward to Going Rogue and Final Fantasy XIV, and I'm excited about the Dragon Age expansion as well as Cataclysm and Allods Online. It should be a busy year.
  • James Egan (@jamesegan): I've got a pretty busy weekend ahead of me, but any game time I have will be spent with a few 360 titles I recently picked up on the cheap, and it's been a little while since I hunted down someone in EVE for a solo kill with my cloaky recon.
  • Seraphina Brennan (@sera_brennan): Working on getting my levels (and armor) back in Global Agenda thanks to the head start offer, but I will also be dropping into EQ2 as usual for my weekend leveling. Beyond that, I'm play testing the RPG system that I've built with a few friends to see how the system is working. Hopefully the playtest will run fine, but I bet it's going to uncover a bunch of flaws regarding power balancing. Well... that's what play testing is for...
  • Kyle Horner (@kylehorner): *Uses Deep Breath Ability* Star Trek Online, Mass Effect 2, Global Agenda and perhaps some time to sleep, too. For three days, that's a whole lot of games -- and I'm happy to say they're all sci-fi games! Bonus Answer: For me it's gotta be All Points Bulletin, although I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm also checking the Final Fantasy XIV website on a regular basis.
  • Krystalle Voecks (@Krystalle): Planning on getting in some EverQuest II and perhaps some Allods Online. As for my next big title of 2010, I'm sure I'll lose crazy amounts of sleep on Bioshock 2. Almost time to return to Rapture!
  • Rubi Bayer (@Rubi_): This will be a leveling weekend for me. My Minstrel in LotRO is about to ding level 30, thanks in large part to my wonderful kin. My DDO Rogue needs to gain another level or two to be ready for the new content I previewed last week as well, so I'll be focusing on that. I plan to hang out with my Guild Wars guild too, to celebrate the Wintersday Redux and relax a bit.
  • Tateru Nino (@taterunino): Leveling up a new Champions Online character. Strife or not, I still have fun with CO. Not looking forward to new games so much as I look backward to them. I don't tend to hold my breath for any game until I've seen how it launched and maybe given it a while to settle. Getting worked up in advance leads inevitably to disappointment, I find. It does mean that I might be playing them 6-12 months later than anyone else, but they crash a whole lot less and generally perform better on my hardware ;)

So, that's what we're doing this weekend -- now it's your turn. What are you playing this weekend? Or, if you don't care to share, what games are you looking forward to in 2010?

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