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Vinyl Fantasy 7 is the freshest thing you'll hear today

We love Nobuo Uematsu's work on the musical accompaniment for the Final Fantasy franchise, but we often find ourselves wishing those games' scores were infused with a touch of Jay-Z. Maybe a light smattering of Outkast. The faintest hint of Ghostface Killah.

The mixologists from Team Teamwork (creators of the similarly-spliced Ocarina of Rhyme album) have once again worked their magic on a classic video game soundtrack. This time around, it's the score from Final Fantasy VII, which has been mashed together with tracks from over a dozen hip-hop artists, as well as Tom Waits, which is just weird. You can pay whatever you want to download the cleverly-titled Vinyl Fantasy 7 -- though we're betting you'll probably settle on zero dollars.

[Thanks, Mike!]

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