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Nokia Custom Dictionary takes predictive text to the obvious next level

Chris Ziegler

Nokia's just posted its literally-named Custom Dictionary utility to Beta Labs' hallowed halls of experimental wares, finally bringing what appears to be a thorough, editable predictive text solution to S60 devices so that you can use (in Nokia's own words) friends' names and nicknames, places, and "slang" (read: every four-letter word you know) with aplomb in the course of normal textual conversation. What makes Custom Dictionary cooler than the average predictive text system, though, is the fact that you can load, unload, and transfer custom word lists to and from your PC and between devices, making it easy to back up your nonsensical gibberish in the event you lose or change phones. As with anything in Beta Labs, you've got to proceed at your own risk -- but the stuff's available to download now. Follow the break for a video demo.

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