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Fret Nice soloing on PSN this week [update]


Tecmo announced via Twitter that Fret Nice, the musical platformer played with guitar controllers, will be available on PSN in North America this week. In its own tweet, developer Pieces Interactive said that a European release date would be "coming soon."

Now PS3 owners will be able to use those guitar controllers of theirs to do something other than play along to "Uncontrollable Urge" over and over again (what, you mean you don't do that?) Specifically, in Fret Nice, players take control of the Vibrant Chordblasters as they travel through the world defeating Hair Bängers with their riffs.

Oddly missing from both of these announcements is any mention of the Xbox 360 version. We're checking with Tecmo about that.

[Update: Tecmo has no date for the XBLA version yet, and could offer no reason for the wait.]

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