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Accessory makers had a big 2009, to the tune of $5 billion


There's a stuffy business piece over on Yahoo! News about how gaming accessory makers are rolling in teh moneyz -- at least $5 billion last year, according to EEDAR analyst Jessie Divnich. Rather than offer up a bunch of boring figures on which plastic guitar sold best, or who had the most popular Wiimote charging solution, we figured we'd introduce you to some of the very items that have made accessories such a big business over the past few years.

Firstly, there's the Trauma Center Kit, a favorite of home surgeons and people who like to look ridiculous while playing games. Next up, the gun. Or, more specifically, just "gun." We'd be remiss to neglect one of our favorite faux firearms styled after an aquatic predator. For those who prefer reptiles, this sensor bar holder was hit or misss. And finally, we leave you with actual video footage of some of the fine products that make up this staggeringly lucrative industry in action. We hope you've had a ball.

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