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The Daily Grind: What's your best speed record?

Eliot Lefebvre

At the core of most MMOs is the unspoken assumption that most things in the game can be completed by anyone, given enough time. But we gamers really don't work that way. With a higher level comes a sense that you're advancing into higher tiers than your fellow players, and the process is undeniably addictive. Star Trek Online has just released, and it's a safe bet that you're working to get your ship and crew built up as fast as possible, which might raise the question for some of why it took Picard seven years before he picked up a new ship.

Even if you don't try to race for the ceiling every time the game raises the cap or goes live, there are doubtlessly tasks you've worked down to a science, quests or grinds that you blew through faster than you thought possible. Today we ask you what you consider your personal speed record. Was it leveling, crafting, working through a band of content or storyline, or even just a really quick jaunt through dangerous territory? Could you do it again if you wanted to? Was it something you were trying to do, or just a lucky collection of circumstances?

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