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Play The Who's Super Bowl halftime performance in Rock Band [update]


If you want to play a bunch of songs by The Who in Rock Band in a manner that satisfies your minute attention span, and do so soon, MTV and Harmonix just made an announcement that will delight you (however briefly). Alternately, you're going to be thrilled if you want to capture some Super Bowl magic in your living room.

On Sunday, February 7, The Who will play a 15-song medley during the Super Bowl's halftime show, and Rock Band will feature that same medley as a $2 download the same day (on Xbox 360 and Wii, anyway -- the PS3 version will arrive later). The identities of the songs contained in the medley will be unknown until the Super Bowl performance, but, really, they're all good.


[Update: We mistakenly identified the "S-mashup" as consisting of the 15 songs listed in the press release. It is actually a medley of unannounced songs. We apologize for the error.]

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