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Telus switching Canadian IPTV customers over to Microsoft Mediaroom


That $600 million investment appears to be going to good use, as Telus is ready to offer a new version of its Telus TV service to customers powered by Microsoft Mediaroom. No word on which version of Microsoft's IPTV offering they'll be utilizing, but customers in British Columbia and Alberta will be enjoying very U-verseish features like a whole home DVR solution capable of recording up to three shows at once. They'll also enjoy the more than 40 HD channels plus VOD and PPV up to six TVs in each home (no word on how many HDTV streams are available at once, only "multiple.") The switch from the old Minerva platform mirrors the move SureWest made last year, lets hope the long wait means they can jump directly to version 2.0 with Media Center and Xbox support included.

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