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ZTE's F350 has a Verizon logo on it, you do the math

Chris Ziegler

The Bluetooth SIG's device database isn't typically the most helpful when it comes to tracking down specs and gorgeous, high-res photos -- but often, it's first way we hear of a new device, so we'll take what we can get. Take this F350 from ZTE for example; from the single picture the SIG's given us, we can't even make out whether it's a landscape or slider, a pivot, or a full touchscreen (doubtful) phone, but we can make out a shiny little Verizon swoosh three-quarters of the way down. It'll apparently have a camera, voice command capability, Bluetooth (of course), and a 1X radio, but we're not clear on whether that means it won't have EV-DO. Now that we know Verizon's working with ZTE, this makes quite a bit of sense, doesn't it?

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